More confident decision-making

Preflet brings data-driven culture and improves decision making in the organizations

More confident decision-making
Data Science

AI as a Service

We provide certainty to organizations based on their existing data. Instead of starting from scratch and taking the complex process of AI projects, we offer a ready-to-go predictive service that will get the results in a shorter period.

AI Integration

Preflet helps organizations which are seeking the modern solution using artificial intelligence. Not only we help in shaping the idea to reality using our SpotSearch algorithm, but also provide technical support during the complete life cycle of the AI solution.

AI Train
AI integration at Preflet


The world is changing very fast, and it is even faster when it comes to technology. Advanced algorithm and explainability in machine learning are new hurdles. Preflet has built a resource centre that aims at sharing technological know-how of AI.


Disrupt and Innovate

Get instant answers from the common to complex problems such as predict customer service issues, estimate sales, and detect unusual transactions.

Predictive Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Risk Modelling
  • Forecasting
  • Customer retention
IoT Analytics
  • Contactless Access
  • Sensor bases maintenance
  • Network Monitor
  • Smart Cities


Know what to build next

Explore the use cases built with Preflet by industry experts, from healthcare, banking, retail, to industry and smart cities